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Can I attend events as a guest?

You can attend some specific promotional events as a guest. You will need to register by creating an account. Once registered, an ID Password will be auto generated and sent on the registered email address to login.

What is the duration of free trial?

We offer you a free membership to understand the benefits and environment of ICFC. You can access all the events and the services provided by us.

How to be a member of ICFC?

You can register on our website which is through your email id which will generate a unique membership id for you.

Who can join?

People from all over the world can be a member of ICFC. We have various services for the people in Canada and India but it is open for everyone.


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We request you to be just a little patient as we are going to update the details about our upcoming event soon. To get regular updates about our future events, register on our website.

Check the archive section to know more about our events. The archive section contains the details and information related to past events.