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About Us

Indican FC is an online platform established for the purpose of building powerful connections and healthy relationships between the people of India and Canada. It works on a membership based algorithm where the users can directly visit our website and enrol for the membership. Members get the opportunity to get involved in our weekly membership activities which keep the fun alive and also avail all our services from our onboard associates in both the countries. Since, the connection between the 2 countries is our priority, our members get the opportunity to interact, celebrate and trade on a virtual level.

  • ICFC initiates your journey of making new friends and relationships and takes it to a point where you can transform them into professional knots.
  • You can participate in amusing activities which facilitate your interaction with people from various backgrounds living totally different lives.
  • ICFC is an all in one platform providing all necessary services if you are looking to travel between India and Canada.

This club will not only strengthen the relationship between the citizens of India and Canada but also provides you with a unique opportunity to explore the countries with our help. It is a club based on membership. Subscribe to our channel to avail our services. Click here to KNOW MORE.


Our aim is to minimise the efforts and simplify the process to travel between India and Canada for any purpose for maximum number of people from the 2 countries and be their support system for building profound and beneficial relationships.


We want to establish a strong relationship between India and Canada which flourishes in the long run using our platform as a tool. This will be our effort to unite the 2 countries and develop a mutually beneficial bond between them.

Why Us

Why Choose ICFC


Build Connections

Moving to a new country may make you feel alienated. We help you feel like home by helping you build new and profound connections with really interesting and beneficial people.



Fun filled activities on our platform keep you engaged in something productive and also improve your ability to interact with different types of people.


Easy accessibility

Our services are conveniently accessible. Once enrolled, you do not need to worry about any of the issues associated with the service you have enrolled for.

Join Us

Membership Details

Can I attend events as a guest?

You can attend some specific promotional events as a guest. You will need to register by creating an account. Once registered, an ID Password will be auto generated and sent on the registered email address to login.

What is the duration of free trial?

We offer you a free membership to understand the benefits and environment of ICFC. You can access all the events and the services provided by us.

How to be a member of ICFC?

You can register on our website which is www.indicanfc.com through your email id which will generate a unique membership id for you.

Who can join?

People from all over the world can be a member of ICFC. We have various services for the people in Canada and India but it is open for everyone.


Upcoming Events

Stay Tuned

We request you to be just a little patient as we are going to update the details about our upcoming event soon. To get regular updates about our future events, register on our website.

Check the archive section to know more about our events. The archive section contains the details and information related to past events.


Our Team

Mr. Anmol Chawla


Sushma Das


Mr. Kabir Bansal



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